Successful Blogging: How it’s Done

Successful Blogging: How it’s Done

The team at Blogfinds isn’t shy to say that we have an awesome blog. We are, of course, a little biased. However, a great blog isn’t something that just falls into your lap. It takes a lot of hard work and thought-out planning to be successful. Below you can find some reasons for our success, as well as some other blogs we think, are doing it right.

One of the top priorities for our blog is to create relevant content. We try to provide our audience with the knowledge they need and want, and we hope, in return, it will drive them to our website.

I think Smashing Magazine does a great job at creating useful content.

I almost always learn something new (or in the very least learn even more about something I was already informed about), every time I visit the site. Every time. Education is imperative to doing my job well. Resources like Smashing Magazine help me to stay ever-evolving.

We also believe it’s important to post frequently. We strive to keep our blog active, fresh, and updated with at least three posts per week.

One thing I really hate is when I find a cute blog that I love and they post really infrequently or sporadically. Good blogs post a lot and a lot on Instagram, so there’s always new content. It’s not always super long blog posts (hardly ever very long), but there’s very often something new.

Even more disappointing when you find a compelling title in Google. It looks just like what you are looking for. You click on the link at it just hangs on you. That’s a website speed issue. We believe Hosting Manual’s web hosting reviews list should be read by everyone before they choose (an often sub-optimal) web host for their blogs.

Lastly, we realize the importance of engaging with our readers. We utilize our social media team to post our blog to Twitter and to Facebook. This gives us more exposure as well as provides us with other avenues to respond to reader’s comments.

Most importantly, we try to make our blog educational, entertaining, and fun. Have you had success with your company’s blog or do you need some help going in the right direction or exposing it to the right people?